Plainfield Indie Author Fair

We had authors of various genres, including Children’s books, memoires, romance, adventure and young adult fiction. Some authors write full-time, others have day jobs. Ann Rubino wrote Peppino and the Streets of Gold, about Little Italy in 1940’s, J.L. Callison wrote Stranded at Romsom’s Lodge, about two teens kidnapped and dropped in a remote area who decide to live out their Christian values despite their situation, Denise Baran-Unland (childrens and middle grade fiction) also writes for the Chicago Tribune. Nicole Knepper is a social worker and started out blogging on being real, juggling career and motherhood and is now working on a book on care-giving. Walter Blair, a former Chicago Public dual language teacher, now teaches in the suburbs, wrote a book with his fourth grade students called La Bellisima Ciudad (The Most Beautiful City). So many interesting stories! We answered questions from local participants, then we watched a live feed of a national video conference with industry leaders. All in all, it was a good day!

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