Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to say a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  When we share resources, knowledge and a meal together, as on the first Thanksgiving, may we remember that we are all part of the human family, brothers and sisters to each other.  As I reflect on this I remember my childhood – my mom shared her love of plants with the neighbors.  She would start clippings from her house plants and, once rooted, share them with friends and neighbors for holidays. One neighboring family would bring over a plate of homemade cookies baked by their grandma.  It’s often the little things such as these that create bonds of friendship and brotherly love.  This Thanksgiving, may we join together to give thanks to the Lord and Father of us all for His providence, love and care for each of us.   We can celebrate our differences as we learn from each other, enriching all our lives, and honoring the God Who gave us the various gifts.  I hope you have a wonderful, blessed time celebrating with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.

P.S.- Remember to take time to read with the little ones during the holiday weekend.  Cherished childhood memories are made of moments like these.  : )


Life is too short to stay inside

Life is too short to stay inside all the time.  Grab your favorite book, a ball, a bottle of water, a coat and head out to your favorite park.  Play outside, read a little, run around and have fun.  Enjoy the sunshine, especially now as the days grow shorter.  Make some time during the day to get your vitamin D from the sun.  Whether it’s bright out or cloudy, our bodies make vitamin D when the light hits our skin.  Vitamin D helps our moods, our health, our immune system and our energy levels.  So go on outside and play!  Me?  I plan to plant some bulbs today- tulip and hyacinth.  : )

Successful Author Visit

I am amazed at how much fun it was to see the children, play with them and read them my story, Adventures at KiddieLand, during my recent visit to KidStreet.  The kids were so excited to tell me about the carnival rides they’ve ridden, the animals they chose on the merry-go-round and the fun they had with their families.  They were also very excited to point out letters they recognized in the pictures and text as I read to them.  The children were all pre-schoolers and loved acting out riding a train.  They loved making the sound of the whistle as our train stopped.  We even sang a song about all the people we saw from our seats on the train.  It was a good first author visit and I hope to have many more.  For information or to invite Auntie Mimi to visit your Chicagoland pre-school or elementary school, contact auntiemimibooks@comcast.net.