Reading is fun!

We all learn better when we practice.  Learning to read is no different.  Parents can spend many enjoyable moments reading to children to model how it’s done.  But, they will learn best when THEY read.  To make it fun and to give them a sense of accomplishment, let them read to you.  Give positive feedback and encouragement often.  Talk about what they read.  Ask them questions:  about the story, their life experiences, their thoughts and emotions about the story, what they think will happen next in the story.

Another important factor in learning to read is learning to relate to what they are reading.  It  makes the words and ideas more meaningful instead of a string of letters on the page.  How can you help them relate to the story?  Ask them if they’ve ever had similar experiences to what they are reading.  Ask them what they would do if they were ever in such an experience.  Ask what they liked or didn’t like about the story and why.  Then listen, without judging.  They need to know it’s safe to share their thoughts and opinions with you.  Happy reading to you and your child!

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